Welcome to White Fox Vapor Lounge

Thank you for visiting our new online store! 

We are so glad you're here!  We have been working hard at perfecting our craft, which is making e-JUICE!  We are self-proclaimed "flavor junkies" and are in an endless pursuit of that perfect tasting vape.

To us, e-juice mixing is an artform.  It's a passion.  Creating new flavor recipes is more than just a hobby to us, it defines us.  We've found our love in putting together e-juice recipes and tweaking them until they're perfect.  We hope to see ourselves as we see the family-owned bakery around the corner, or the florist that's been on Main Street for decades.  We're just a couple of humble, hometown girls who support small business...well, because we are one!

We know that there are a ton of places where you can buy your e-juice, and we're here to let you know that there's one more - White Fox Vapor Lounge!  If you are local, please stop in and say hello at 1218 N. Green Street in McHenry, IL.  (CLICK HERE to see where we are on a map) There's nothing better than meeting new vapers in our area face to face. 

Please don't hesitate to give us your feedback as well.  You can send your opinions - good or bad - to [email protected], or you can leave a review on any of the flavors on our site.  We are excited to hear what you think!
Thanks for stopping by!


Aubrey & Elaine